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3 reasons eating healthy is easier than you think

The ideology of eating healthy has changed so many times through the years and it is hard to keep up with the new options, diets, fads and anything else that tells you what's healthy and what's not. A perfect example of that is the "great egg debate!" Eggs are bad … Eggs are good … this constant back and forth will make your head spin! Today I am going to give you some simple reasons why eating healthier is so much easier then you think. These 3 simple reasons are what I hear most from people when it comes to eating healthier.

CHOICES. When you walk into the grocery store or farmers market there are more healthy food choices then there ever has been. With more grocery stores selling more local produce and more farmers markets popping up, your choices for healthy food are all around. Organic sections are growing and you no longer have to eat the same raw vegetables or the bland rice cakes of old.

TASTE. Fresh food tastes better! Lets face it, have you ever compared a can of corn to the real thing ? Or even fresh carrots compared to canned? The taste is tremendously different and doesn't have the added sodium or food preservatives as canned food. It's one of the biggest reasons why the idea of "Home Made" is such a big selling point. Our brains are automatically wired in the belief that home made is better. You could almost say we are hard wired for home made. It's there, you just have to tap into it.

COST. So here is where the idea that the dollar menu is cheaper gets shattered! You can purchase 6 chicken breasts all natural for $6.99 (if you went for average grocery store breasts you can lower that price), a bushel of broccoli for $3.60 and a bag of brown rice for $3.29 - seasonings of course added in but the cost on those are literally pennies for a meal as they have a longer shelf life. Basic math here , you can feed 6 people or eat 6 times for $13.88 - lets just round to include spices - $14.00 meal for 6 portions! That is $2.33 a person/portion to eat and there is MORE to eat than a dollar menu fast food meal! Saving money can feel that much better when your eating healthy too!

Knowing that there are healthy good options out there at lower costs is only a part of the battle of eating and being a healthier version of yourself. Keep looking and you will see more and more ways of staying healthy come to light.

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